22 September 2015

Product of care: product of outstanding interest arrives in Amsterdam

Posted in 2015–2016

Brendan G. Cooper

As you read this first edition of RED, you are probably enjoying the 2015 ERS International Congress in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is one of Europe's great cities with a rich history of mankind's endeavour to beat nature (in Amsterdam's case, the sea) and establish a community and culture unique to the whole of Europe. Medical devices are usually also trying to beat nature by helping to manage medical conditions and restore homeostasis and recovery.

For 3 years the POINT sessions have attracted great interest from both clinical members and corporate participants at the ERS International Congress. The session is usually diverse, entertaining and a break from the usual didactic presentations of the main sessions. The finalists will also take part in an interesting and exciting programme of the Product of Outstanding Interest Award for 2015.

23 September 2015

New developments in mechanical ventilation

Posted in 2015–2016

Lorenzo Ball and Paolo Pelosi

Mechanical ventilation is one of the most commonly applied supportive measures in the intensive care unit (ICU). A recent international cohort study described trends in mechanical ventilation, finding a constant decrease in the use of assist-control ventilation modes and synchronised intermittent mechanical ventilation in favour of a constant and widespread increase in use of pressure support ventilation (PSV) [1].